Jaya FOod

Jaya Food is a premium distributor of top quality natural and organic food products hailing from Malaysia. At Jaya, we believe that eating healthy is the key to live a prosperous life. That�s why we bring you with health products that will aim to make your living standard better. At Jaya Food, we want to promote Malaysian health products to the vast market in Australia. All our products have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or GMOs. We have a small team of dedicated and health-conscious staff handling all our manufactured goods efficiently. Get your hands on our … Continue reading Jaya FOod

Parkfit Outdoor Personal Training Perth

We as busy people are increasingly becoming disconnected with nature and how to lead healthy lifestyles. We live in cities, we live in apartments, work inside buildings spending countless time indoors. ParkFit encourages you to unplug from technology, get fit and breathe in some fresh air and more importantly reconnect with nature. As soon as they attend a ParkFit session in the fresh air, people understand that this is really where they need to be as humans – not stuck indoors for hours on end.

Me Clinic

The Me Clinic was established to ensure patients receive the best advice and guidance with their surgical procedures from the best Cosmetic Surgeons in the world. It aims to educate and guide patients from the first consultation through to surgery and treatment, recovery and life post-surgery. The Me Clinic features some of Australia’s and the United States’ most experienced Cosmetic Surgeons who share the same ideals and beliefs to ensure that each patient’s experience is positive and nurturing. This approach helps patient’s get the most out of their surgery and achieve the desired results. In over 30 years the Me … Continue reading Me Clinic

Sarah Cathcart Coaching

Working with Melbourne barristers in their chambers and empty courtrooms, Sarah teaches clients to connect with the power of their voice and embody a dynamic presence. Just like an actor, barristers need to prepare before entering court and as an award-winning actress/director, Sarah recognises the parallels. For over twenty years, Sarah has coached hundreds of people, both nationally and internationally, in the art of speaking. Sarah teaches barristers how to: – claim the room – connect with the content of the case – maintain poise and power under – pressure – move with calm and efficiency