Face Yoga 4u

est facial salon conveniently located on the North Shore of Sydney. Wouldn’t you want your skin to feel smoother and younger? We strongly believe in combining facial massage with our blend of most efficient essential oils and acupressure to stimulate our 57 face muscles to improve your self-confidence and lead to an enhanced sense of well being. We stimulate the face muscles and show you how exercising your face is probably one of the best face lifts that you can have. Safe, effective method offers a natural way to deal with sagging muscles. No surgery! No drugs! This facial rejuvenation … Continue reading Face Yoga 4u

Beyond Rest Hawthorn

We are a brand new State of the art Floatation Centre. The architecture is based on Sacred Geometry and we have five private pod rooms each with a pod, shower, toiletries and towels. Each pod contains 500kgs Magnesium Sulphate in 25cm of water warmed to skin temperature. The weightlessness and minerals aid muscle injuries/inflammation and general physical alignment. The sensory deprivation of no light, sound or smell aids anxiety, PTSD, all mental stresses from work/technology overload, or just someone wanting to rest, recover and reconnect. It is the ideal meditation vehicle and allows such peace and overall wellbeing.

Australian Dentists Clinic – Melbourne CBD

Our contemporary Melbourne CBD dental clinic and professional team offers a wide-range of dental treatments. We warmly welcome new patients to our dental clinic and endeavour to ensure your dentist’s appointment is relaxing and comfortable. We are located on Level 3 – 620 Bourke Street, Melbourne. We have tram stops right outside our dental clinic and we are only a few minutes walk from Southern Cross Station and Flinders Street Station. Our dental clinic is open 7 days, ensuring that we can see you and your family when it suits your busy lifestyle. To book an appointment please call us … Continue reading Australian Dentists Clinic – Melbourne CBD

Jaya FOod

Jaya Food is a premium distributor of top quality natural and organic food products hailing from Malaysia. At Jaya, we believe that eating healthy is the key to live a prosperous life. That�s why we bring you with health products that will aim to make your living standard better. At Jaya Food, we want to promote Malaysian health products to the vast market in Australia. All our products have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or GMOs. We have a small team of dedicated and health-conscious staff handling all our manufactured goods efficiently. Get your hands on our … Continue reading Jaya FOod

Parkfit Outdoor Personal Training Perth

We as busy people are increasingly becoming disconnected with nature and how to lead healthy lifestyles. We live in cities, we live in apartments, work inside buildings spending countless time indoors. ParkFit encourages you to unplug from technology, get fit and breathe in some fresh air and more importantly reconnect with nature. As soon as they attend a ParkFit session in the fresh air, people understand that this is really where they need to be as humans – not stuck indoors for hours on end.